Frequently Asked Questions

CMGG is completely free to join, and the vast majority of our events are free as well. Access to the Cal Esports Community Center is free as a part of our LAN events. On rare occasions, CMGG may have events that require some expense to participate (for example, paying for public transportation in order to visit a game studio, or buying your own food at a group dinner), but this information will always be noted in the event description on Facebook/Discord.

For the most part, no. Our in-person events will usually take place at the Cal Esports Community Center (where you will have free access to the gaming PCs), or you will be able to participate in some way without owning a specific device.
Our online events, however, require internet access, and we do not provide copies of paid games for you to play on personal devices. We try to hold a variety of events that include playing free games together, and if you don’t own a certain game that we’re playing, you’re more than welcome to still join and watch!

You must be a currently enrolled UC Berkeley student that identifies as a person of marginalized gender (this includes everyone except cis men). Other than that, we welcome gamers of all skill levels and gaming interests who support our mission; you do not have to be a Verified Member to attend most CMGG events or to be part of our Discord server. There is no minimum number of events you’re required to attend as a Verified Member; feel free to join whenever you like!

No, feel free to join us anytime! However, signups for our one on one mentorship program and Board applications typically occur at the beginning of the academic year (August/September).

We typically recruit new board members at the beginning of each academic year (August/September). Board applications will be shared on our social media.

The current most popular games among our members are League of Legends and Valorant, but our members play a huge variety of games; we’re sure you’ll find someone here with some common interests.

Our Discord server has a strict verification system to ensure that no one with malicious intent can enter, and we personally vet each and every person that wants access. Additionally, we are very transparent with our server rules and any moderation action we take in order to ensure that our community continues to be inclusive, welcoming, and friendly.

Nope! We welcome people of all genders. As a reminder, however, CMGG is not a general gaming club. If you do not identify as part of a marginalized gender group, we expect that you consider yourself an ally and that you will act accordingly by putting in extra thought as to how you behave in our spaces.

We have a marginalized gender VALORANT team that competes in the collegiate scene! Check our Discord or social media for updates and info.

We’d love to work with you! Send us an email at calmargengaming (at)